ORYX GTL supports Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs

ORYX GTL provides a financial support to the projects of Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs during 2015, based on its belief and the commitment with the importance of supporting the charity societies which serve the society.

H H Sheikh/ Thani Bin Abdullah Al Thani praised- chairman of the Board of Directors of the Society - with ORYX GTL Their keenness to cooperate with the Society , and the Permanent participation in the care of our children with their special needs, and he expressed his thanks and gratitude for that generous contribution and noting that support value will be directed to the project of purchasing Medical and prosthetic devices, in addition, to support the projects of blessing Ramadan of the Hijri Year 1436.

Mr. Jaber Bin Hamed Al Ghayathin, Accounting Manager in ORYX GTL said: “It's a matter of pride for us to support such projects and noble programs, and such initiative is a part of permanent partnership between ORYX GTL and Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs, and looked forward to provide more support to meet the growing needs of people with disabilities”.

Mrs. Katia Abboud – A/Public Relations and Communication Manager in ORYX GTL , "We are in ORYX GTL proud to support Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs, and we are very pleased with the continued partnership with the Society, and that what we saw from them in the dedication to work In order to find appropriate solutions for people with special needs, and by providing them with the necessary equipment and that will enable them to integrate into the community, and we are working hard to support the projects of the Society that benefit the community, where the company used annually to fund a number of Society projects and especially project of purchasing Medical and prosthetic devices for those with physical disabilities, audio, visual and multi- disabilities” she said.

These devices are represented in " electric wheelchairs, electric medical beds - wheelchairs with special specifications for extreme physical disabilities - medical glasses for seeing- hearing aids for the hearing impaired - LAPTOP devices for people with visual and physical disabilities, medical equipment and the help of Prostheses .. In addition, other devices need to people with disabilities, pun into consideration of the progress made in the quality of these devices.

The company will finance the Ramadan projects submitted to the children of Society and their families from buying supplies Ramadan for submission to needy families in the middle of Shaban may Allah wishes, The Ramadan basket will be the distribution of key material supply of "flour, rice, sugar, canned, oil, tea, milk, juices ... and so on ", and to contribute to the purchase of holiday gift that will be distributed to people with disabilities just prior to Eid Al Fitr to enter the joy and happiness to the hearts.

Sheikh / Abdullah bin Mubarak Al Thani, Corporate Social Responsibility Coordinator in ORYX GTL pointed out for the sincere desire to implement quality and distinct projects to serve our children with disabilities in the Qatari society, and ORYX GTL seeks to reflect its vision of providing special services for them contributing in the support of aspects of life from health and social care down to the community rehabilitation.

Qatar Society for Rehabilitation of Special Needs was established in order to provide more educational and rehabilitative and educational services for our children with disabilities from the Qataris and residents on the land of Qatar benevolent, the Society doesn’t seek for profit organization " Non-Governmental Charitable Society " is a unique model to provide many programs and services assistance for the rehabilitation and training of people with disabilities and provide all medical and prosthetic devices and material assistance for education and treatment for their children.