QatarCSR is the pioneering network dedicated to raising awareness, creating research and knowledge about CSR & Sustainable Development in Qatar. Since early 2007, we have been conducting development research, case studies and disseminating information about how tangible examples of CSR could expedite socio-economic development in Qatar.


QatarCSR is the first leading CSR Network in Qatar presented in three languages. In compliance with its motto “Local Name, International Fame, Human Goal", QatarCSR monitors various local and multinational companies in Qatar, and their commitment to the UNGC and its ten principles, as well as their participation in CSR Issues and MDGs.


Founded on 16 may 2007, QatarCSR had wide coverage in the official media. The network has 400,000 visitors monthly, as well as partnerships with the public and private sectors, including “Masraf Al Rayan as platinum sponsor, Green Qatar Centre as strategic partner”. QatarCSR succeeded in reaching millions of web visitors in more than 100 countries during its five years of service, and now it is shown in the first results on major search engines such as “Google, yahoo, etc”. QatarCSR has published its own special coverage: Arab and foreign ambassadors’ congratulations to Qatar on Qatar national day and opening of the Museum of Islamic Art. The social web is considered one of the major destinations for students who are preparing their masters and PhD degrees.


Corporations Are Here To Stay!

We believe that despite all the challenges, Qatar offers immense possibilities and opportunities to the multinational and national corporations and businesses for growth and expansion of their operations and profits.


Independent & Unbiased

QatarCSR is an independent initiative working for creating a sustainable platform and networks for exchanging views, experiences and contributions of the corporate sector and all other stakeholders of the development process. We encourage and welcome all progressive forces in Qatar and around the world to join hands with us to make a positive difference.


Geared for Growth

QatarCSR will continue to grow as more corporates and businesses start implementing CSR programmes and projects at the grassroots level. The interest is on the rise and institutions are now seeking advice, guidance, education and training on developing CSR programmes. By working together, the corporate sector, ethical NGOs, donor and development agencies, and the government departments could achieve many of their development goals and objectives through CSR.


What We Do?

-          CSR reporting and research

-          Produce and publish the CSR Qatar Year Report

-          Provide CSR Advisory/Consulting, Executive Education, and Auditing Services

-          Develop CSR projects for corporations, as well as initiate CSR ventures for participation by local, regional, and international donor/development agencies who understand the value of business for development and wish to work with the multinational and national corporations actively pursuing and implementing CSR projects in Qatar

-          Organize CSR forums, seminars and conferences to provide platforms for exchange of views, ideas and experiences, and implementation of result-oriented CSR projects


For further information and building a partnership with us, write to:  info@qatarcsr.org